We are the leading suppliers of totally secure multi-fuel storage systems that are easy to install and come with a range of control options. We offer specialized tanks and storage units with the right configuration of capacities, roof types, and material grades for every fuel type of your business. We supply the most trusted and accredited designs that are highly chemical resistant and extremely durable.

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We offer a one-stop-shop for all your drilling equipments – drill lines, blowout preventers, downhole tubulars, hydraulic actuators, spools, flanges, elevator bails, shackles, pup joints and more. Our comprehensive selection of high-quality components are built to endure heavy loads and harsh environments. We also custom-design industrial hydraulic equipment to offer innovative solutions that suit your needs.

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We supply multi-phase flow meters that accurately and non-intrusively measure the flow of fluids in the oil and gas drilling operations. From heavy oil to wet gas, our supply of the best in industry flowmeters help you capture critical diagnostics and flow dynamics. These advanced flow meters enable you to monitor real-time data through various phases of drilling, empowering you to effectively manage the reservoir uptime, production targets, and safety.

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We supply durable and no maintenance RFID trackers for all your assets and inventory. Track, measure, and control your assets with our patented, state of the art RFID trackers. Always stay informed of real-time movements, location, calibration, maintenance, and safety of your assets. They work seamlessly with both barcode and RFID systems, can be managed remotely, and integrated into mapping solutions for your needs.

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We supply a comprehensive range of accessories to several oil and gas corporations. All types of high quality, accredited fitments for your oil drilling installations are available. Choose from a wide range of material choices of carbon steel, super duplex fittings, or designed for lap, threaded, slip-on, and more. Flanges and fitments supplied by us are anti-corrosive, pressure and temperature resistant, and easy to install.

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