Arming you with supplies for your oil business

Controil Industries supplies several Oil & Gas giants with innovative, high quality, and cutting-edge products and solutions. We arm you with just the right tools to face the growing challenges and stringent standards of the business. From sourcing products to drilling and asset owning, we can help you with every activity.

Our highly efficient experts and engineers help you through preparing and setting up the drill equipments and power sources, operating the driller and rigs, performing the reservoir and core sample testing all the way up to extraction of oil with latest technologies and tools. We provide contractual operations and maintenance of your oil drilling facility, following stringent procedures to ensure the highest safety standards for your assets and environment. Our time-perfected process brings in high productivity and our advanced monitoring systems help in managing your drilling operations with absolute efficiency.

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We also provide asset owning services to several Oil and Gas corporations. We acquire surfaces evaluated for oil extraction on a royalty, lease, or ownership transfer basis. Our seasoned workforce deals with the challenges of obtaining clearances, negotiating with surface owners, legal procedures for right of access to land, royalties and compliance to tax and regulations.

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When it comes to the oil industry, the quality of all equipments, materials, and components is subject to strict regulations and services. At Controil, we ensure complete compliance to all contractual specifications, regulations, and quality standards. With state-of-the-art resources and expertise and a unique global network, we can assure you quality throughout the operations cycle.

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